DOB: 4/12/2007

WEIGHT: 45lbs

OFA: Good

CEA/CH: Normal

Van is from Jobe Border Collies in Lincoln, Missouri. He comes from strong herding lines with a few USBCHA finals champions in his pedigree. Van is a 48lb red factored blue merle. He has trained in agility and he’s a weave pole champ! Van has been exposed to livestock on a local farm and has “played with” sheep, goats, and chickens. His favorite thing in the world is a frisbee! Harmony has done a ton of obedience work with Van and every single person who’s met him can’t say enough about how awesome he is. She spent the fall of 2012 working towards his Canine Good Citizen title and all their hard work paid off in December when he passed the test!  Van is super social and loves adults and kids alike! His puppies tend to share his enthusiastic personality and his need to give lots and lots of kisses!   As of February 2013, Van has been retired.  He will be living out the rest of his days playing frisbee and continuing to fetch just about anything else that can be thrown:)

Van passed away in April 2018….this boy will live in our hearts forever❤