About Us

Rock N Roll Border Collies is located primarily in Bourne, Massachusetts owned by myself, Whitney Fall, and my sister, Harmony Fall.  Our main goal in breeding is to produce dogs who exhibit that classic go-get-em Border Collie drive and attitude, but who also have that ever appreciated “off switch”. Our dogs are bred to maintain the herding instinct as well as for careers in sports (ie. Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, etc). All of our dogs are both ABCA and AKC registered.

The primary function of our property is to house a family run veterinary clinic. Fortunately, this has given us the ability to make sure that all of our dogs are given the best possible care on a day to day basis. Our dogs go to work with us and thus are socialized with all types of people, animals, and noises from a very early age. Our dogs are our family members and live in our houses with us.  We do not have a kennel.

Rock N Roll Border Collies sort of morphed from dream into reality in 2006 with the purchase of my first BC, Rylee. The first time I had ever experienced the intelligence of the Border Collie was while I was working as an animal care technician at Best Friends Pet Resorts in Gaithersburg, Maryland. One of my co-workers had a Border Collie mix named Buddy. His owner had worked with him quite a bit and he had such a wide expanse of a vocabulary and knew so many little tricks and things that I was impressed and extremely interested in one day owning my very own Border Collie. Working in the kennel, I met several other Border Collies who reinforced my desire to own one of those beautifully intelligent dogs. That initial encounter was about 6 years before Rock N Roll came into fruition. I went to college and graduated with my degree in business management and moved to Massachusetts to work with my father in developing the Veterinary Clinic he had recently purchased. I had been doing some intermittent research all through my college years and had always planned to have my first BC be my graduation present to myself. Surely enough, Rylee came to live with me just a few months after I was settled in my new place. She turned out to be everything I was expecting and more. I had never owned a dog who learned so quickly and was so unbelievably eager to please. Sometimes I’d think she had a full range of human-like emotions. I could tell when she was frustrated, upset, ridiculously excited and just plain tired (which wasn’t often). She always wanted to be with me which was nice after having dogs in the past who would take off and visit the entire neighborhood rather than simply follow me around the yard.


Shortly after welcoming Rylee into my life, I began really researching the breed. I had known before picking her out that I wanted to be a breeder and was very careful in my selection. I delved into breeding books and looked up Border Collie genetics until I felt I knew everything there was to know about creating more well-bred Border Collies…or at least I had the resources to turn to when in need. Rylee was continuing to mature and was blossoming into a beautiful and very polite girl. Her personality turned out to be fairly low drive which I was thankful for seeing as she was my first Border Collie. I put her through basic obedience and I could tell she was bored…sitting and lying down for extended periods of time just wasn’t her cup of tea! So, we began with agility and she absolutely loved it! She caught on so quickly and even though the seesaw made that horrible banging noise, the hotdogs..oh! the hotdogs! Rylee would get on anything for a hotdog! She got the whole course down… it was just me who had to coordinate my arms and legs to send her the right way!

Van became a part of the family when Rylee was about one and a half years old. He proved to be of a much higher drive than her, but he was such a lover and those eyes of his could make anyone melt. Van was Harmony’s dog and she had done a lot of work with him. I really think he could understand full sentences or else he was just unbelievably good at reading our thoughts and our facial expressions. He was definitely one of those Border Collies who would sit out in the yard all day waiting for someone to come out there and throw the ball or frisbee for him. His obsession with the game of fetch kept our arms nicely toned! He absolutely loved kids and other dogs and was a nice complement to Rylee’s more girly BC personality.

I don’t think we could have picked a better pair for our foundation Border Collies.  Their progeny, as well as the amazing few BC’s we’ve added along the way, make Rock N Roll Border Collies a beautiful and talented line of Border Collie Rockstars!