DOB: 7/20/2008

WEIGHT: 36lbs


CEA/CH: Normal

Aila came to us from SpurBar Ranch in St. Johns, Michigan. Both her parents are working dogs descendant from Sagebrush lines. She is a red and white tri with a beautiful little split face! She has an incredible herding drive and she started on sheep in the spring of 2010. It’s amazing to see that switch flip on in their heads that says “OHHHH…I know what I’m supposed to do with these things!” Aila also loves to chase frisbees and tennis balls, just don’t expect her to bring either one back to you:) This little girl just loves to run and run and run! And swim and swim and swim! I’m certain she’d choose to live outside if I let her, which of course I won’t! She has a high drive and loves people. She’s my cuddlebug!

Aila is retired and has found a wonderful new home with The Ayers:)